Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cameras: Want or Need?

English: Cameras from Large to Small, Film to ...
English: Cameras from Large to Small, Film to Digital. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For so long a time, I have not been reading any article about cameras, or even posting articles to my blogs. But today, I came to open page, just to glance on what's the latest news.

Right on time, today's article was something about the review of cameras, raising the question behind the acquisitioin of a camera unit: is it a want or need?

To defend myself, I would immediately say, "Mine is need". However, I would have to be honest about this. I desired to have the D4, even at a time when my photography skill isn't yet at a level I can be proud of, but because the camera's specs was better than what I now have, an entry-level's unit: D5000.

But when I happen to talk to a fellow photographer, a beginner just like me, he'd say, "Yeah, yeah," most of the time, but at the end, asked a rhetoric question: "But why would you need a 16MB picture file size, if you would just be uploading them to Flickr?"

True enough, sometimes I vascilate between want and need, especially that these are sometimes not cheap. But one thing is sure: when I have the extra money, I'm buying a ew Yamaha or Casio keyboard, something that i can use to teach my kids something else other than photography.

Still an art, but a different kind of expression.

As for the article, here it is: Do we value cameras as tools or objects?
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Friday, January 6, 2012

Nikon D4

Nikon D4_300Image by louisvolant via FlickrNikon D4_fronttopImage by louisvolant via FlickrNikon D4_backImage by louisvolant via FlickrNikon D4_EthenetCableImage by louisvolant via Flickr07-Jan-2012

I have been recently watching the news over at, and I saw that Nikon D4 is coming up. I went to read the review, and I might just have seen my next dSLR camera: the Nikon D4!

It is called by Nikon as 'the multimedia dSLR', and that's because of its improved and enhanced video capability, one of its many attractions, not to mention its 16MP sensor. And, it is a full-frame camera!

Anyway, not to say more lest I make things worse by doing so, here's the article from Nikon D4 overview.

Happy shooting.

Till then!

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's 2012, and what has been in my photography journey

English: This photograph shows the circinate v...Image via Wikipedia03-Jan-2012

For so long a time that I haven't posted, here's a quick update, as much as I can remember:

Dec-2012, I attended a basic photography workshop, provided for free by NTUC, which I am a member of, and as it turned out, it isn't so basic after all. And many of the attendants aren't starters as well. Just to see what is offered, and to see what can be offered afterwards.

Of course, there are those participants who really are beginners, and since the topic, the discussions, as far as I can tell, is somewhere between beginner-intermediate to intermediate-advance, many are lost!

But it still is a good offering, and while it was drizzling when the class ended, which signalled the start of hands-on, snapping pictures here and there and applying what has been taught, we waited a while, some of us, not all, and the rest, well, they just went on their way, perhaps to practice on their own.

One of the not-so-beginner attendees has been doing photography for the last 8 years or so, and he was showing his 'works', using his iPhone, which are all stored online through Flickr. That got me into creating my own profile in Flickr, which I have known for some time already, but never bothered to see what's in there... but now I do.

You see, as much as I can tell, I like doing nature photography, so I should be getting a macro lens. I like leaves and flowers, and I am getting better learning to use the tripod for a clear and sharp photographs of small objects, using my 55-200mm lens zoomed out all the way, so they appear bigger and closer to the naked eye, especially when viewed on the computer.

Then, I did the photoshoot of our department's Christmas party 2 weeks after the photography workshop, and I can tell that I have to improve on my skills for snapping moving objects, moving people, candid shots, 'live' pictures.

And I go about asking people on how they take this kind of photograph, what setting, etc., and not just reading books. I now freely take my camera out, and snap pictures here and there, and I don't limit myself to using the dSLR anymore, but I snap pictures using my handphone as well. There's a wealth of resources out in the open for photographers to utilize nowadays, not just the 'official' camera units we call dSLRs, be they entry-level, mid-level or pro-level. But there's always the good and bad to it.

Anyway, what got me even more snapping pictures is when the second batch of photos i uploaded to Flickr got the attention of one professional photographer. Sure, it's not actually a price-winning photograph, but it one that is candid, and one that tells me there's the right frame at the right time, at the right setting, and it doesn't have to be a professional or seasoned photographer, just a willing individual who takes the camera out and snaps pictures - and not stopping afterwards to rest on his 'laurels' - but continues on - to his journey in photography.

Till then!
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Monday, May 2, 2011

iPhone 5 might kill DSLR cameras

iPhone 4Image by Witer via FlickrWill this be true?

iPhone 5 might kill point-and-shoot cameras “more,” iPhone 4 now becoming the most popular camera device according to Flickr.

April 19, 2011 By Carlo Diokno

According to a report posted by NY Times, iPhone 4 is now becoming the most popular camera device based on the data published by Yahoo’s popular photo sharing site Flickr. iPhone 4, which is currently the latest generation of the popular smartphone brand by Apple, is quickly becoming the number 1 camera of Flickr users, slightly behind the number 1 camera, the DSLR camera from Nikon, the D90 with 12.3 Megapixels camera quality.

Apparently, iPhone 4 is a smartphone, while the Nikon D90 is a DSLR. But smartphones today are quickly becoming the first choice of the public when it comes to shooting photos and videos because it’s portable and easy to use. Plus, smartphone manufacturers are now trying their very best to give the customers a much more powerful photo and video capturing software and hardware, aside from the fact that Apple’s app store features a lot of “camera apps.”

Speaking of powerful photo and video capturing, Apple’s “still good as a rumor” iPhone 5 might feature a better camera quality of 8 megapixel, according to latest rumors talking about the iPhone 5′s camera sensor. If this rumor is true, then expect to see the iPhone’s camera market share climbing even higher.

Aside from the iPhone, Android smartphones are also expected to deliver quality video and still shots courtesy of improved camera sensors. Samsung’s Galaxy S2 and HTC Thunderbolt are some of the new phones that have positive camera quality reviews.

Taken from; source article is below:
iPhone 5 might kill DSLR cameras, iPhone becoming the most popular Flickr camera

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