Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cameras: Want or Need?

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English: Cameras from Large to Small, Film to Digital. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For so long a time, I have not been reading any article about cameras, or even posting articles to my blogs. But today, I came to open page, just to glance on what's the latest news.

Right on time, today's article was something about the review of cameras, raising the question behind the acquisitioin of a camera unit: is it a want or need?

To defend myself, I would immediately say, "Mine is need". However, I would have to be honest about this. I desired to have the D4, even at a time when my photography skill isn't yet at a level I can be proud of, but because the camera's specs was better than what I now have, an entry-level's unit: D5000.

But when I happen to talk to a fellow photographer, a beginner just like me, he'd say, "Yeah, yeah," most of the time, but at the end, asked a rhetoric question: "But why would you need a 16MB picture file size, if you would just be uploading them to Flickr?"

True enough, sometimes I vascilate between want and need, especially that these are sometimes not cheap. But one thing is sure: when I have the extra money, I'm buying a ew Yamaha or Casio keyboard, something that i can use to teach my kids something else other than photography.

Still an art, but a different kind of expression.

As for the article, here it is: Do we value cameras as tools or objects?
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